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Open your account with dōTERRA

In this step we will walk you through setting up your Wholesale Customer account so you can start living the doTERRA wellness lifestyle. Click to see what's inside.

To get started simply click the button below and a new page will open in your browser which takes you to the dōTERRA website. Please use this link ONLY in order for your account to be set up properly. We have created a video for you to follow along to, so leave this page open while you are opening your account.



Choose your enrolment kit

During the process of opening your account with dōTERRA® using the link above, you will need to choose your enrolment kit. The first three kits are available globally and are a great way to get started. Depending on your country, you may see another enrolment kit that you love, so just choose the one that gets you most excited! There are more enrolment options available for you to join, which are explained in the video.


(Diffuser not included but recommended)

Lemon Essential Oil 5mL, Lavender Essential Oil 5mL, Peppermint Essential Oil 5mL, Tea Tree Essential Oil 5mL, Oregano Essential Oil 5mL, Frankincense Essential Oil 5mL, Deep Blue Soothing Blend 5mL, Breathe Respiratory Blend 5mL, On Guard Protective Blend 5mL, DigestZen Digestive Blend 5mL

Family Essentials Kit
(5mL bottles)


Lemon Essential Oil 15mL, Lavender Essential Oil 15mL, Peppermint Essential Oil 15mL, Tea Tree Essential Oil 15mL, Oregano Essential Oil 15mL, Frankincense Essential Oil 15mL, Deep Blue Soothing Blend 15mL, Breathe Respiratory Blend 15mL, On Guard Protective Blend 15mL, DigestZen Digestive Blend 15mL, Petal Diffuser

Home Essentials Kit
(15mL bottles)


Motivate Encouraging Blend 5mL, Cheer Uplifting Blend 5mL, Passion Inspiring Blend 5mL, Forgive Renewing Blend 5mL, Console Comforting Blend 5mL, Peace Reassuring Blend 5mL, Petal Diffuser

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit
(5mL blends)

Now let's get you access
to My Wellness Essentials...

My Wellness Essentials is for new and approved members only who have enrolled for the first time by following the instructions on this page. Current doTERRA account holders who are not part of our community will not be approved.


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